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Avoid These 12 Custom Closet System Design Mistakes (Part 1)

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Whether you want something simple or an extravagant walk-in closet, closets are a great storage solution for your home. It can increase home value and provide space for organization, extra storage, and more comfort to reduce clutter.

While there’s nothing wrong with buying a closet from the furniture store, custom closet systems let you create a place you can call yours and boost property value. However, before you splurge, you should learn to be a responsible homeowner and spend your money wisely, especially during home improvement projects. It helps you stay within budget, maximize your investments, and ensure you won’t regret anything later. 

This article enumerates five mistakes to avoid when designing custom closet systems and how to fix them. We’ll also discuss seven more in part two of this blog series!

  1. Considering Luxury over Efficiency for Shoe Storage

While raised or angled custom closet systems are ideal for storing shoes luxuriously in large spaces, it doesn’t work for homeowners with limited space and many pairs of footwear. It will also create a dead space because of the angle in the back.

You can get the most out of your limited space by using wall-mounted shoe racks or over-the-door shoe organizers. You can also increase the number of shoes to store and save money by using adjustable and flat shelves. Manufacturers can create these storage units from durable laminate or steel, so you can keep multiple pairs of footwear in a smaller space and hide them when necessary.

  1. Dead Space above Your Top Shelf

Having wasted space above the top shelf is one of the most common issues in custom closet systems. When you place these storage units 24 inches or higher from the ceiling, it’s almost impossible to use that space for anything other than keeping a few boxes of folded clothes. 

You can avoid this problem by leaving 12 inches of space between the ceiling and the top shelf in your closet. This tip will give you more room for storing suitcases, clothing boxes, or shoe boxes. That way, you can enjoy enough storage space for your items but not enough to become cluttered.

  1. Lack of Shelf Depth

Many homeowners don’t realize that the shelves in their custom closet systems aren’t deep enough to store their items properly. Besides making clothes and other items cramped, they can also be tricky to access.

Consider replacing the shadow shelves with deeper ones, providing more space and making it easier to organize your items. That way, you can prevent things from hanging over the edge and ensure everything fits neatly and looks better.

  1. Getting Dressed in a Dark Closet

While Nordstrom’s custom closet system’s lighting may sound luxurious, it won’t make sense because of no cost considerations and electrical outlets in walk-in closets. It can also be challenging to get ready for work with your partner in a windowless closet, especially if they’re colorblind. 

You can brighten the dark areas of your home without spending too much by purchasing rechargeable LED motion-activated lights. Unlike overhead lights that need frequent replacement, rechargeable lights are also an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative. 

  1. Your Contractor Doesn’t Have an Adjustable System

When choosing a closet system, you must consider the occupants’ current and future needs and determine if you can adjust the closet rods to accommodate different heights and clothing styles. 

Otherwise, you’re better off investing in a custom closet system. You can also ask your contractors to add side support rails with adjustable holes. That way, you can have a closet that fits everyone’s needs.


Custom closet systems let you create a storage solution to tailor everyone’s needs. Educating yourself about common mistakes and working with a reputable contractor can spare you from expensive mistakes. Stay tuned for part two of this blog series! 

Mark’s Cabinetry Services offers professional custom closet systems in Tampa to help homeowners create a more accommodating solution for their items. Reach us now to get your free quote!