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Essential Questions to Ask Your Cabinet Refacing Company

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Cabinet Refacing

Every home needs cabinets because they serve practical and aesthetically pleasing functions. Cabinets, however, might age, damage, or simply stop reflecting your own style with time. Cabinet refacing might be the best choice if you want a quick kitchen or bathroom upgrade.

Refacing entails replacing the hardware, drawer fronts, and cabinet doors while leaving the cabinet boxes alone. Furthermore, it’s essential to pick the best cabinet refacing provider to guarantee that the project is completed accurately and to your pleasure. 

The inquiries to make before selecting a cabinet refacing company are listed below.

What Is Your Experience with Cabinet Refacing?

It’s crucial to find out if a potential cabinet refacing provider has experience with the procedure. The service you pick should have the proper experience since refacing calls for specific knowledge and skills. 

Inquire about their knowledge of various cabinet types, materials, and finishes. A business with a track record of successfully completing refacing jobs is a solid sign that they have the knowledge you require.

Can You Give References or Past Work Samples?

A trustworthy cabinet refacing business needs to be able to offer references or examples of prior projects they’ve worked on. If you want to confirm their skills, ask them to provide pictures of how the project looked before and after they worked on it. 

Request references from previous customers who you can call to learn more about their interactions with the business.

What Is the Cost of Cabinet Refacing, and What Does It Include?

The size of your room, the materials utilized, and the project’s complexity can all affect the price of cabinet refacing. It’s crucial to have a thorough estimate from the business and comprehend what is included in the price. 

Inquire as to whether the estimate includes the cost of the materials, the labor, and any other fees or costs.

What Is the Timeline for the Project?

To make the necessary plans, you must be aware of the project’s timeframe. Inquire about the project’s timeline and any potential delays with the cabinet refacing provider. 

This way, you can adapt to changes in your usual schedule and guarantee that the project will finish on time.

What Is the Warranty on the Work?

A warranty is crucial when it comes to any home improvement project, and cabinet refacing is no exception. Ask the company about their warranty on the work and what it covers. Make sure you comprehend the warranty’s conditions and what actions you must follow in the event of a problem.

What Is the Process for Selecting Materials and Finishes?

Making the appropriate material and finish selections is crucial to the cabinet refacing procedure. Ask the company whether they offer a range of options and how they choose their materials and finishes. 

You want to ensure that the materials and finishes you choose are high quality and reflect your personal style.

Do You Offer Customization Options?

Inquire about the customization options with the cabinet refacing company if you want a distinctive and individualized look. Some companies may offer custom sizes, finishes, or hardware to meet your specific needs. 

Discuss your options with the company to determine if they can accommodate your requests.

How will you shield my house during the project?

Cabinet refacing can be a messy process, so it’s important to ask how the company plans to protect your home during the project. Ask about their process for protecting floors, walls, and other surfaces from damage or debris. 

Make sure you understand what steps they will take to minimize disruptions and keep your home clean and safe.

What Is the Payment Schedule?

Understanding the payment schedule is essential before hiring a cabinet refacing company. Ask about the payment schedule and what payment options are available. Know payment due dates and how to handle payment issues.


Refacing your cabinets is an economical and environmentally responsible method to enhance the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom. But in order to guarantee that the project is completed correctly and to your satisfaction, it’s necessary to select the right cabinet refacing business. 

Asking crucial questions can help you make an informed selection and choose the best company for your needs.

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