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Replacing or Refacing Your Cabinets: What You Need to Know

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Your kitchen cabinets take up a lot of real estate in your home, so when they start to show their age, it can be a big problem. Cabinet refacing is a great way to give your kitchen a new look without breaking the bank, but sometimes it just isn’t enough. If your cabinets are severely damaged, outdated, or just not functioning the way you need them to, it might be time to replace them entirely. Not sure if your cabinets need a complete overhaul?

Here are seven signs that it might be time to start shopping for new kitchen cabinets:

1. Your Cabinets are Structurally Unsound

If your cabinets are starting to sag, warp, or crack, it’s definitely time to start thinking about replacing them. These structural problems can not only make your kitchen look bad, but they can also make it difficult to use your cabinets effectively. If your cabinets are in danger of collapsing, it’s definitely time to get rid of them and start fresh.

2. Your Cabinets are Outdated

If your cabinets are more than a few decades old, they might be seriously outdated. Outdated cabinets can make your whole kitchen look dated, and they might not offer the storage and functionality that you need. If you’re planning a kitchen update, new cabinets are a great way to give your kitchen a fresh, modern look.

3. Your Cabinets are Not Functional

If your cabinets are difficult to use or don’t offer enough storage, they might be hindering your kitchen’s functionality. If you find yourself constantly struggling to find what you need in your cabinets, it might be time to invest in some new ones.

4. Your Cabinets are Made of Poor-Quality Materials

If your cabinets are made of particle board or other low-quality materials, they might not be able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Over time, these materials can start to break down, leaving your cabinets looking shabby and damaged. If you want your cabinets to last, it’s worth investing in ones made of higher-quality materials.

5. You’re Completely Changing the Kitchen Layout

If you’re planning a major kitchen renovation, you might need to replace your cabinets to accommodate the new layout. For example, if you’re moving your sink or stove, you’ll need to get new cabinets that fit in the new location. Similarly, if you’re changing the overall layout of your kitchen, new cabinets might be necessary to make everything fit correctly.

6. Your Cabinetry is Made of Metal

Many older homes have metal cabinets in the kitchen. Although they’re durable, they’re not as attractive as wood. If you’re wanting to update the look of your kitchen, new cabinets will really change the look of the room.

7. Your Cabinet is Emitting Strange Odors 

If your cabinet is emitting odd odors, that could be a sign that it’s time for new cabinets. If you have wood cabinets, the odors could be a sign that the wood is rotting. In that case, you’ll want to get new cabinets as soon as possible.


If your cabinets are old and outdated, chances are you will need to replace them instead of refacing them. However, if your cabinets are in good shape but you just want to give them a facelift, then refacing is a great option. Not sure which route to take? Bring in a professional to assess your cabinets and give you their expert opinion.

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