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Renovating an Old Home: Where Do Custom Cabinets Come In?

Clean. Organized. Distinctive.


Have you been debating about remodeling your current kitchen for some time now? If that’s the case, it’s time to get down to business and start planning the foundations of a beautiful and practical kitchen. 

Cabinets are the backbone of any kitchen, which is why they can be intimidating to alter. To give you the push you need, let’s discuss the steps involved in making personalized cabinets.

Should You Get Branded Or Custom Cabinets?

Over time, the worth of a quality handcrafted cabinet has skyrocketed. It has even rivaled the most expensive brands on the market. Fully customized or semi-custom cabinets produced from scratch are two options in the upper-end price range. Cheaper, lower-quality wood is often used to make mass-produced stock cabinets.

Companies use blueprints that are exact to within thousandths of an inch to make the best possible products. This is why it is possible to create a whole new set of cabinets tailored to the look and feel of your renovated home. 

The Foundations

The cabinet’s build is crucial, so keep that in mind. For example, a cabinet that requires staples to stay together probably won’t last very long. 

However, dovetail joints on solid wood drawers or dowelled/corner-blocked joints show higher quality. Under-mount glides on drawers are another feature to seek out because they contribute to a minimalist aesthetic while providing additional storage space. 

Some other signs of a high-quality cabinet are a dust top and a mortised door hinge (with gentle closing). 

The Form and Aesthetic 

Modern, traditional, rustic, or contemporary, custom cabinets do more than just provide storage space. This is why it’s essential to incorporate practical considerations into the design phase of custom construction. 

It’s important to think about cabinet size when designing. Kitchens with a lot of wall space can benefit from tall cabinets since they help to conceal the empty floor and ceiling. 

A regular row of shorter cabinets may work well in a compact kitchen. It’s essential to contemplate the overall look of your kitchen cabinets when choosing items like the wood used, the color, the style of the doors, and the hardware. 

The Function 

A beautiful cabinet that is difficult to open or operate is not practical, no matter how nice it looks. You may get really specific with custom cabinetry. 

Adding mobile racks can improve both access and organization. Whether it’s a pull-out wine rack, a spice rack, or a garbage and recycle bin, you can always use more storage space. 

Have you run out of room for your stuff? Possible solution: an island with extra storage space beneath the counter. Larger cabinets can be installed to serve as a pantry or to house items such as cookware, small appliances, and other kitchen essentials. 

The Quantity and Spacing 

How many cabinets you’ll need for your remodel can be estimated with the help of a custom cabinet business. 

Is the idea merely replacing the current kitchen cabinetry or adding more cabinets to accommodate a different layout? Even if you want an open floor plan, you may want to think about adding cupboards to the other rooms. 

That way, not only do you obtain extra space, but your home will appear excellent and coordinated as well.

 The total amount will change based on the job’s complexity, the cost of the materials, and the number of cabinets you need. It is best to discuss your objectives with a specialist to obtain an accurate quote. 

The Final Stains 

To make a high-quality cabinet, you must understand how the wood you use will get the right stain. Consult your custom cabinet builder to view a stain finish sample on wood. Several more stain options exist for alder and hickory than for maple.


A semi-custom option is a perfect compromise between quality and the cost of a full custom that is out of your pricing range. Top-tier construction and premium materials are still at your disposal despite potential restrictions on cabinet diameters (such as a particular door or cabinet heights). 

To sum up, a high-quality cabinet for your home is still possible within the constraints of a semi-custom alternative.

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